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Our Mission is to serve an educational function in providing the general public with botanical and horticultural information on the genus Encyclia and other orchidaceae that have once been classified as Encyclia, in order to promote the cultivation, propagation, conservation, hybridization and exhibition of these orchids both ex and in situ.

An  Affiliate Organization of the American Orchid Society

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The Genus Encyclia Species List 

As published by the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

Registrar's Notes

The first of a series of occasional notes which is intended to provide useful information on names and plants which cause confusion in registration, and relate the answers to some of the many queries that are received daily which may be helpful to a wider audience.

Psychilis atropurpurea (Willd.) R.P. Sauleda (Epidendrum atropurpureum Willd.)

The identity of this plant has for many years been confused with that of Encyclia cordigera (HBK) Dressler (synonym: Epidendrum cordigerum (HBK) Foldats). As a consequence applications for registration involving the name of either plant have been treated automatically as Epi. cordigerum since this species has been more common in cultivation, although often under the misapplied name Epi. atropurpureum. However, after careful investigation and assurances by the originator involved in the two instances noted above under corrections, it is certain that the genuine Epi. atropurpureum Willd. was a parent of the grexes concerned.

The genera Psychilis and Encyclia are not used at present for registrations, but viewed as sections within Epidendrum. Possible recognition of these and many other genera, for registration purposes, awaits the out come of the Genera Orchidacearum project currently under way at Kew. A revision of Psychilis appeared in Phytologia 65(1): 1-33 (1988).

Anyone who is concerned over the identity of their plants under either of these names could consult the accessible discussion and illustrations to be found in Carl Withner�s The Cattleyas and their Relatives as follows: for Psychilis atropurpurea see Vol. IV. The Bahamian and Caribbean Species p.92-94, pl.44, 45 [note that plate 45 is Psychilis atropurpurea although captioned otherwise] (1996); for Encyclia cordigera see Vol. V. Brassavola, Encyclia, and other Genera of Mexico and Central America p.103-105, pl.54, 55 (1998).

Julian M. H. Shaw, Orchid Registrar.

Epidendrum atropurpureum hort. replaced by Epi. cordigerum (HBK) Foldats

Although the name Epidendrum atropurpureum hort. is no longer accepted as a grex parent, as it is a misidentification of Epi.cordigerum (Encyclia cordigera), over 100 records persisted in the data base for registrations prior to 1984. These records have resulted in five cases of double registrations, two of which have been kindly pointed out by users of the web page grex search.

To avoid further confusion all registrations prior to 1984 involving Epi. atropurpureum hort. as a grex parent have been changed to read Epi. cordigerum. This has resulted in the following grex synonyms:

Brassoepidendrum Arubiana (1950) syn: Bepi. Megan (1997)

Epi. Atropine (1962) syn: Epi. Green Glades (1986)

Epi. Gail Nakagaki (1955) syn: Epi. Butch Luce (1983)

Epi. Imon (1963) syn: Epi. Dixie Darling (1984)

Yamadara Tyl Eulenspiegel (4th March 1982) syn.: Yam. Misty Willow (20th Sept. 1982)

Revised: October 07, 2004 .
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Last modified: August 11, 2004

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